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What are the Best Gel Blaster Guns? {Top 10 Best Gel Blaster Guns}

Are you a fan of Nerf guns? Then you’ll love our collection of the best gel blaster guns. They’re simple, effective, and fun!

Gel blaster guns are toy guns that are similar to airsoft guns in design, but these guns shoot water beads or gel balls which are called Orbeez. These balls are usually made of superabsorbent polymer.

These balls once soaked in water or any other liquid absorb the liquid and expand in size to become squishy soft water beads. These gel balls have become quite popular among kids and adults these days and are being used in Gel blaster guns to have fun at parties and games.

best gel blaster gun

That’s why we have tested some of the best gel blaster guns. Our testers blow up balloons while our consumer testers use these guns to pop balloons. These guns are easy to operate and don’t require any installation or assembly.

Our Gel Blaster Gun Lab tests gun performance, including ammo capacity, speed, range, accuracy, and ease of use. Our top picks don’t require any assembly at all and are easy to take down, disassemble, and clean. Look at the 10 best gel blaster guns below.

10 Best Gel Blaster Guns

Gel blaster guns are a very popular toy for adults. They’re easy to use, and they can be a lot of fun. But with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

These 10 best gel blaster guns are some of the amazing ones you can buy, and each of them has its own unique set of features. So, let’s take a closer look at what makes each of these models great.

Electric Gel Blaster With 50000 Water Beads

best gel blaster gun in 2022

The Electric Gel Blaster is an eco-friendly gel blaster that is specially designed to be safe for children. This gel blasters set is a great gift for children. It has an ergonomic design that is designed to comfortably fit children’s hands.

This gel blaster set is also made of eco-friendly materials. The gel blasters set is also equipped with goggles. The gel blasters set is also equipped with bullet storage.

The gel blaster set also comes with a USB charging cable. The Gel Blaster set, which is specially designed for children to play with, has a safe and practical design. The automatic firing mechanism makes it become the best toy.

Features We Like:

  1. Ergonomic Design
  2. Double Safety Protection
  3. Fully Automatic Shooting
  4. Exclusive Fit for 11-13-Year-Olds
  5. Easy to Operate
  6. Various Firing Modes
  • Portable, rechargeable, easy to clean
  • 50000 water beads
  • Great entertainment for kids
  • Easy to operate
  • Extra storage space
  • Short range
  • Water leakage


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KASQERT Splatter Ball Gun – Gel Ball Blaster With 61000 Water Beads

most powerful gel blaster

The KASQERT Splatter Ball Gun is a fun and safe way to play with water guns. The gun comes with its own water bead container. It contains 61,000 beads that are made of safe material.

These beads will break on impact, and be completely disappeared once dry. It is made from high-quality ABS and nylon, and the texture and feel are excellent. It is resistant to falls, and wear and tear.

The gun comes with two modes, manual and automatic. It features a 700-round drum that can fire eight rounds per second. The gun comes with its own charging cable so you can charge it anywhere. The gun comes with safety glasses that will protect your eyes while firing the gun.

Features We Like:

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Blasts 8 Balls Per Minute
  3. Safe and Non-Toxic
  4. Large Capacity Drum
  5. Perfect for Summer
  • Easy to operate with 4 levels of firing
  • Durable
  • No maintenance is required
  • The Blaster comes with 61000 water beads
  • Gel balls offer an increased range
  • Gel balls are expensive
  • Slow firing rate


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Itcaoseklu Water Gun For Kids, Teens, And Adults

 best gel blaster gun on amazon

The Itcaoseklu Water Gun for Kids is a great toy for kids, teens, and adults. The blaster gun with lights is a great toy for family and friends. It is an ideal toy for children of all ages to play together.

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has 3 different containers that are filled with water marbles. You need to fill the containers with water marbles and then soak the marbles for 3-4 hours.

After soaking, the marbles will be the right size to shoot the ball. The toy comes with 2 lights that can be attached to the gun. These lights will allow you to play even in slightly darker places. To enjoy more fun, you can also add some water balloons and balls.

Features We Like:

  1. Endless Fun With Gel Blaster Gun
  2. Perfect Gifts for Kids and Teenagers
  3. Good Choice For Children’s Birthday Party
  4. Comes With Instructions
  • Durable
  • Easy to fill and refill
  • No need to worry about leakage
  • Safe to use by adults or kids
  • Less stable
  • Heavy


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OENLOL Gel Ball Blaster 1200+Drum Magazine

best gel blaster under 100

Our OENLOL gel ball blasters give you a combination of impressive firepower, range, and ease of use, with advanced features and functions that give you the ultimate water gun experience. The OENLOL gel ball gun is an upgraded, more powerful version of our OENLOL gel ball blasters, allowing you to consistently shoot at 1000 rounds per minute over 60-75 feet.

This gel ball blaster comes with 30,000 gel balls. It also comes with a 1200-round drum magazine. It has an automatic and semi-automatic mode. The automatic mode shoots up to 60-75 feet. The semi-automatic mode shoots up to 150 feet.

The gel ball blaster can shoot up to 60-75 feet in automatic mode. This gel blaster is made of a durable ABS and nylon material. The OENLOL gel ball blasters offer so much functionality that they will ensure you have lots of fun shooting gel balls, and the OENLOL gel ball blasters are easy to use, durable, and reasonably priced.

Features We Like:

  1. Upgraded Gel Ball Blaster
  2. Comes with a USB Cable
  3. Upgraded Transmission
  4. Environment-Friendly
  5. Non-Toxic
  6. Includes 30,000 gel balls
  • Comfortable design
  • Shoots up to 1200+ capsules
  • Bulky


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Big Electric Gel Ball Blaster With 50000 Non-Toxic Gel Balls

 gel blaster gun

The Splatter Ball Blaster is an outdoor toy that shoots gel balls. The gel ball blaster is a next-generation toy with 1000+ capacity containers, which allows you to shoot longer than others. It has an extra-large capacity that allows you to shoot more gel balls.

This gel ball blaster is a toy that is driven by a spring and uses a gel ball as ammunition. It can fire up to 18 gel balls per second. It is capable of extending its shooting range to 80 feet. It is a great toy for kids and teens.

It is a perfect leisure toy for teenagers, children, family, and friends to have fun together. It is a great way to develop your child’s hand-eye coordination, agility, sports spirit, and imagination. You can meet up over the weekend to make this weekend full and fun. This is surely one of the best gel blaster guns.

Features We Like:

  1. Upgraded Parts
  2. Longer Firing Time
  3. Fast Firing Speed
  4. Great Leisure Toy
  5. High-Quality After-Sales Service
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Affordable
  • Not for adults


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Purple Jokeney Gel Ball Blaster With 60000 Gel Balls

gel blaster gun glock

The Gel Ball Blaster is a splatter ball blaster with a 60000 round capacity. It has 11 accessories that are included. It can accommodate 12 people.

The Gel Ball Blaster is a gel ball shooting game. It has 7-8 mm frangible gel balls with a protective plastic shell and protective goggles. It is safe for all members of the family, including children. The gel balls are not harmful if given to kids above 3 years old.

It is equipped with a variable color target that allows you to customize your shooting experience. It is capable of using different types of batteries such as rechargeable and disposable. It is the perfect outdoor game for kids.

Features We Like:

  1. Beautiful Purple Color
  2. Includes Instructions
  3. Comes with 60000 Rounds
  4. 11 Accessories Included
  5. Charger and Protective Gear Included
  • Great fun for all ages
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • None so far


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Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster AKM-47 For Kids Ages 12+

gel blaster gun amazon

The Gel Ball Blaster is an outdoor game toy that is perfect for you and your friends. It has a high-performance electronic system, which allows for accurate shooting.

The Gel Ball Blaster is equipped with a wide-range battery, which allows for extended use. The Gel Ball Blaster is capable of shooting up to 300 gel balls per minute. It is equipped with a 15-meter range.

Its durable construction and high-quality materials ensure a long lifespan, and its attractive design makes it perfect for outdoor shooting games. The Anstoy Gel Ball Blaster is a great gel ball blaster for kids and teens. We also include free accessories so you’ll have enough gel balls to last you a while.

Features We Like:

  1. Novel Graffiti Appearance Design
  2. Full Range of Accessories
  3. Long-Range Shooting
  4. Safe for Kids
  5. Portable and Large Capacity Load
  6. High Accuracy
  7. Easy to Operate
  • Smart design
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Difficult to carry
  • No battery


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2IN1 Electrical Gel Ball Blaster For Ages 12+

gel blaster gun for sale

This gel blaster is one of the best gel blasters on the market. It features high-speed firing technology, making it faster and more powerful than most gel blasters.

It features an ergonomic design, so you are able to use this gel blaster for long periods of time without experiencing any hand fatigue. It features powerful motors, so you are able to use this gel blaster for long periods of time without experiencing any hand fatigue.

It features a high-quality, durable design, so it is able to last for a long period of time. The electric gel ball blaster allows you to enjoy an intense and fun game with your friends and family.

Features We Like:

  1. Faster, Farther, and Smoother Gel Blaster
  2. Unique Design
  3. Powerful Motor Shooting 10 Gel Balls Per Second
  4. High-Quality Customization
  5. Available in Multiple Colors
  • Kids friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • No calibration
  • No anti-collision system


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Automatic Gel Ball Blaster M4 Splatter Ball Toy With 50000+ Water Beads

gel blaster guns

The Automatic Gel Ball Blaster M4 is an indoor and outdoor toy gun with a high-capacity bullet drum. It is capable of firing 15 rounds per second. It is capable of firing up to 1200 rounds in one burst.

It is also equipped with an Automatic Mode, which allows you to fire the gun automatically. It has a water gel ball blaster that is made of a special sponge material that can soak up water. This water gel ball is non-toxic and non-irritating.

Once you encounter an obstacle, the gel ball will break. The gel ball will completely disappear once dry. It is capable of firing up to 75 feet away. It is capable of firing up to 12 volts. The automatic gel ball blaster is perfect for adults or children, no matter you are indoor or outdoor. It is perfect for shooting games, you will find much fun with it.

Features We Like:

  1. Manual and automatic firing modes
  2. 400 rounds automatic feed supply
  3. Large capacity bullet drum
  4. Large capacity battery box
  5. Water beads are non-toxic
  6. Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Easy to operate
  • 50000+ water beads
  • 1-year warranty
  • Water beads do not expand
  • Not suitable for children


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Gel Ball Blaster Blaster With 30000 Water Beads

best gel blaster guns

The Gel Ball Blaster is a splatter ball launcher toy. The Gel Ball Blaster offers multiple safety features. It is affordable and offers multiple benefits. When using the splatter ball blaster, the range is 45-60 feet.

The Gel Ball Blaster works reliably and powerfully. It features a safety switch design too.  Before loading the water balls to the launcher, put the gel balls in a container and add normal temperature water to soak for 4 hours to achieve the best effect. It works reliably and powerfully at a 7.4V 600mAh battery.

The Gel Ball Blast can be played by anyone, regardless of age. It is suitable for kids, adults, and pets. It can be used for indoor or outdoor activities. It also comes with safety goggles to provide users with adequate protection measures. It is easy to use. These gel water balls are made of biodegradable materials. They are safe and hurtless to children.

Features We Like:

  1. Best Outdoor Game Choice
  2. Fun Outdoor Toy
  3. Easy to Assemble
  4. Easy to Use
  5. Safety Goggles
  • Includes 30000 water beads
  • Adjustable power
  • Uses 6 aaa batteries
  • Perfect for outdoor team activities
  • No instructions


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How To Choose The Best Orbeez Gel Blaster Gun?

When shopping for a gel blaster gun, you’ll want to consider the type (e.g., silicone, foam, etc.) as well as the size, nozzle, color, and price. The sizes go from Standard to Large.

The Large version is designed to fit an average-sized hand and is recommended for children 7 years and older. The Small size, on the other hand, is designed to fit smaller hands and is recommended for children 5 to 6 years old. The Extra-Large is designed for larger hands and is recommended for teens and adults.

You should also see what type of nozzle the gel blaster gun has. Along with that, make sure to check out if the product falls under your budget or not. There are multiple colors from which you can choose.


There are many different gel blaster gun models made from different types of materials. Hopefully, after reading this blog, you have learned about some of the best gel blaster guns on the market right now.

Choose the best gel blaster gun that suits your needs the most. If you have any questions related to these products, feel free to ask us. Orbeez Gun will be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Best Gel Blaster Guns

Gel blaster guns are a type of low-pressure air gun. These guns use compressed air to fire small balls of gel, which get propelled out of the gun and stick whatever they hit. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best gel blaster guns.

Q: What is a gel blaster gun?

A: These are a type of low-pressure airsoft gun used to shoot water beads. Gel blasters shoot small balls of gel that are made of superabsorbent polymer material that expands in water.

Q: What are some practical uses of gel blasters?

These guns are great for playing shooting games with your friends or family members. Instead of bullets or water, you are going to play with squishy water beads.

Q: Where can I buy the best gel blaster guns?

A: The best gel blaster guns are available at a variety of stores like Walmart and Target. Gel blaster guns are available with a wide range of special effects, including strobe, celebratory blasts, flame, and more. You can also find these online.

Q: What should I look out for when choosing the best gel blaster gun?

A: You want to make sure the blaster gun will be easy to hold. Look for a blaster gun that is well balanced, not heavy, with smooth (not hard) surfaces that feel good in the hand. The finger trigger should be easy to pull and release and the barrel should not spin.

Q: Is a Gel Blaster Gun Safe for a 6-year-old?

A: Yes, a gel blaster gun is safe for kids above 3 years old of age. The gel balls are made of non-toxic materials and are environment friendly too. Just make sure your kids don’t swallow these balls.

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