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6 Best Orbeez Gun for Party Reviews

Are you looking for the best Orbeez gun for a party? If yes, then you have come to the right place. The Orbeez gun has been a hit at parties for years. But with so many options on the market today, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

To choose the best, we test toys in the Kitchen Appliances and Culinary Innovation Lab. Using our lab’s testing protocols, we investigate how durable a toy is, how well it’s made, and how safe it is for kids.

best orbeez gun for party

The Orbeez gun is easy to learn and fun to use. Just load a single Orbeez packet into the chamber, aim, and squeeze the trigger to fire them into the air. They’ll then float up to 12 feet up, where you (or the kids) grab them for a high score.

In order to find the best Orbeez gun for a party, you will have to do a lot of research. However, we have done all the hard work for you and listed the best Orbeez gun for the party in this article.

6 Best Orbeez Gun for Party

Orbeez guns are toys that shoot colorful, squishy water balls. Consumers have raved about them for years, and parents love the fact that kids love them. These toys are also a great option for goodie bags, and it’s a no-brainer to include them in your child’s birthday party loot bags. Here are the 6 best Orbeez guns for the party.

Voulart Gel Blaster For Adults With 10000 Gel Balls

best orbeez gun on amazon

The Voulart Gel Blaster is a fun toy for adults. It is capable of shooting gel balls at speeds of up to 280 feet per second. It is equipped with a 7.4v rechargeable battery that is capable of powering the gun for up to 2 hours. The gel balls are non-toxic, non-irritating, and stain-free. This will make it easy to clean up.

It comes with a large capacity gel ball magazine capable of holding up to 200 gel balls. The gel balls are water-based and do not leave any stains on your clothes.

The Gel Blaster is a really cool toy gun that combines the greatness of a real gun with the fun of shooting softballs. Perfect for people of all ages. The gun is lightweight and made of plastic, but feels solid and well made. The gel balls are non-toxic and made of 90% water. The gun is easy to operate, simply load the 200+ pack of gel balls into the magazine and load them into the gun’s chamber. Then pull the trigger to fire the gel balls. Highly Recommended!

Features We Like:

  1. 10000 Gel Balls Included
  2. High Capacity Magazine
  3. Strong & Durable ABS Plastic
  4. Quick Dry Non-Toxic Gel Balls
  5. Compact & Lightweight
  6. Easy to Use, Simple to Clean
  • Good fun for the whole family
  • Good outdoor shooting experience
  • Zero maintenance beyond replenishing stock
  • Expensive


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SPLATRBALL SRB400 Rechargeable Battery Powered Water Bead Gel Ball Blaster Kit

most powerful orbeez gun

The SplatRBall SRB400 Electric Water Bead Gel Ball Blaster is a lot of fun to use. It is a water ball blast kit that has 8 rounds per second. It is able to shoot gel balls at speeds up to 200 feet per second.

It is able to shoot up to 400 rounds in one magazine. It is capable of shooting up to 5,000 rounds. It is durable and able to last for a long time. The kit comes with a detachable stock. The kit includes 5,000 rounds of SplatRBall ammunition. The kit comes with safety glasses. The kit includes a water-activated target.

The SplatRBall SRB400 is a battery-powered water gel ball blaster that can shoot up to 200fps and is capable of 8 rounds per second. It is able to shoot up to 400 rounds. It runs on a 7.4V rechargeable battery and recharges via a micro-USB cable. The SplatRBall SRB400 comes with 5,000 rounds, 400 round magazine, detachable stock, a hydrator, safety glasses, and water activated target.

Features We Like:

  1. Comes in 2 Colors
  2. Comes with Instructions
  3. Perfect Gift
  4. Full-Size Design
  • No Firing button
  • Shoots up to 200fps
  • No Ammo is required
  • No Mess
  • Battery life
  • Not suitable for children under 4 years


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Voswuen AKM-47 Gel Ball Blaster For Adults & Kids

 realistic orbeez gun

The Voswuen AKM-47 Gel Ball Blaster is a smart gel ball shooter that is suitable for adults and kids. It is environmentally friendly and is suitable for indoor and outdoor playing. It is durable and has a powerful motor.

With the safety glasses included, it is safe to use. It is also equipped with a gel ball magazine that can hold 20,000 gel balls. When the gel ball meets an obstacle, it will shatter into small pieces. The gel balls are non-toxic and will not dirty your clothes.

The blaster comes with two magazines, which can hold 100 3.5mm gel balls each. The blaster can also be easily modified to handle larger capacity magazines or a different type of ammunition. Overall, the Voswuen AKM-47 Gel Ball Blaster is a decent gel ball blaster, but it’s missing a few features to make it truly stand out.

Features We Like:

  1. High-quality ABS plastic and nylon composite
  2. The full size and weight will bring you a real feeling
  3. The blaster is well made, with a powerful motor that can quickly and consistently shoot gel balls
  4. Huge potential for modification and upgrading
  5. Fashionable appearance
  • Easy to use; just place it in your gun and pull the trigger
  • Great for team-building games
  • Great way to relieve stress; great for kids and adults
  • Heavy and difficult to carry


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Anstoy M4a1 Gel Bullet Blaster MilSim Suitable For Adults Over 18

 where to buy orbeez gun

The Anstoy M4a1 Gel Bullet Blaster is a gun that is suitable for players over the age of 18. It has 200 gel bullets in its high-capacity magazine. The gel bullets are biodegradable, and can easily be removed from the magazine.

The blaster can be upgraded to hold more gel bullets with the use of drum magazines. This gun is also equipped with a removable scope. This gun is great for many different types of players. This is the best Orbeez gun for the party.

Anstoy M4a1 Gel Bullet Blaster is an affordable, water gel bullet blaster gun for army simulation games, paintball, tactical training, and airsoft. If you are a fan of paintball, airsoft, or tactical training, then this army simulation game gun is perfect for you. It has great reliability and flawless performance. You will surely love this army simulation game gun.

Features We Like:

  1. The high-capacity magazine holds 200 gel bullets
  2. Removable scope, Front sight, and barrel
  3. Wide compatibility: works with any brand 7.4v battery
  4. Comes with a charging cable
  5. Easy to disassemble
  6. All fittings and components are metal
  7. CAD drawings available for custom upgrades
  • 2 working modes, pulse fire, and single shot
  • Strong and powerful
  • Good performance
  • The design is bulky and awkward
  • It may not suit smaller hands


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TPEBI Electric Gel Water Ball Blaster With 60000+ Water Beads

best orbeez gun on amazon

The TPEBI Electric Gel Water Ball Blaster has 60000+ water beads. It is safe for children to play with. The round gel beads will splatter after touching each other, providing a different and interesting experience. It can provide great fun to children. The gun is lightweight and has a compact design.

The shooting process only takes seconds. The shooting is automatic, so children will not be involved in any danger. The gun will automatically stop when children fire it. The gun is equipped with a safety switch, so children will not be injured.

The gun has 60000+ water beads. The gun can fire 1000 shots. With 60000+ water beads, the TPEBI Electric Gel Water Ball Blaster is our favorite toy gel ball blaster toy. It is fun, exciting, and suitable for kids and adults. A great fun gift!

Features We Like:

  1.  Electric Automatic Mode
  2. Safety Instructions
  3. 60000+ Water Beads and Goggles
  4. Splatter Ball Blaster Summer Team Game
  5. Suitable for Outdoor Activities
  • Water balls are super bouncy
  • Comfortable fit
  • Great gift idea
  • Fun for all ages
  • Not a toy
  • Not ideal for kids under the age of 8


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CAISSA Electric Gel Ball Blaster With 20000+ Water Beads

orbeez gun amazon

The next one is the CAISSA electric gel ball blaster that comes with 20000+ water beads. This is a great toy that is designed for outdoor use. The gel balls are biodegradable and do not require cleaning.

The safety goggles that are included in the package will provide adequate protection measures. This is a great toy for shooting games. The balls are soft, and will not hurt the hands. The toy is portable and can be easily carried around from one place to the other.

The toy is designed in such a way that it will provide people with hours of fun. It is super easy to use, super easy to clean, and works like a champ. The gel balls are biodegradable, so they won’t harm the environment. Lots of fun for the kids and adults.

Features We Like:

  1. Light and Sound Effects
  2. It comes with a Carrying Case
  3. Safety Glasses included
  4. Comes with 2 Gel Balls
  5. Comes with a 3-Month Warranty
  • Incredibly fun
  • 20,000+ water ball blasters
  • Goggles
  • Blaster cases
  • Refillable water balls
  • No pump or hose


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How Orbeez Toys Work

The Orbeez toy is a toy that inflates with water and is dried with help of a dryer. The dryer is plugged into an outlet. The Orbeez are sprayed with water and placed in a dryer that heats them up.

The Orbeez are sitting in water-filled pods on the dryer. The water is heated to 80 degrees Celsius. The dryer turns hot, and the water evaporates, making the Orbeez expand into its original shape. Once dry, they have left in their pods again. Once the pods are full, they are discarded.

Conclusion on Best Orbeez Guns for Party

If you are planning to throw a party, then check out these 6 best Orbeez guns for parties that we have provided in this article. These Orbeez guns are good at their work, offer multiple features, and are fun to use. If you have any questions related to these products, you can contact our Orbeez Gun team.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Orbeez Gun for Party

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers on the best Orbeez gun for party. These FAQs will help clear your doubts too.

Q: What is an Orbeez gun?

A: Orbeez gun is a specially designed bottle that is filled with Orbeez. Orbeez is basically small water balloons filled with tiny beads. They make good party decorations. They are filled with air and can be used to make various shapes and figures.

Q: How to choose the right orbeez gun for party?

A: The ideal orbeez gun for a party should be bright in color and larger than 6 inches in size; otherwise, as the game progresses, players will have to strain to see the symbols on the orbez, which causes fatigue. Another tip for selecting an orbeez gun for a party is that the colors should be bold, and the symbols should be large.

Q: What are the differences between automatic and manual orbeez guns?

A: Automatic and semi-automatic Orbeez guns use the same battery and charger. The difference between the two types is that the semi-automatic has a slight “on” and “off” click when you pull the trigger, and the automatic has a more rapid “bang” noise.

Q: Which Orbeez gun is best for my elementary schooler?

A: Any of the Orbeez guns will be fun to use. For younger kids, I recommend either the “Classic Blaster” or the “Fireball Blaster.” The “Blaster” has a cool-looking handle and is one of the less expensive guns, so it makes it a perfect first toy gun. The “Fireball Blaster” has a bigger, louder shot, and is louder to use than the “Classic Blaster,” but it’s not quite as durable as the “Classic Blaster,” and is designed for younger kids.

Q: How should I clean my Orbeez gun?

A: To keep your Orbeez weapon clean, simply submerge it in a container filled with warm water and a few drops of dish liquid or a small squirt of liquid laundry detergent. Afterward, rinse it and allow it to dry. Airing the weapon out will help remove any excess water.

Q: Where Can I Buy the Best Orbeez Gun for Party?

A: The best Orbeez gun for party are available at various online shopping sites. You can also buy these guns from the links that we have provided above. Just click on the product link and shop.

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