Can Orbeez Guns Break Windows

Can Orbeez Guns Break Windows?

Can Orbeez guns break windows? This is the Question many people have a doubt about.

So you just got a new Orbeez gun and you’re excited to play with it. But you are also scared that you are having windows, does the orbeez gun break windows? No, they won’t! Many people are unaware that Orbeez guns are not for breaking windows.

Can Orbeez Guns Break Windows


The Orbeez gun is a toy that is made of plastic and rubber. These materials are not strong enough to break through window panes. So in this guide, We will check whether orbeez guns can damage windows are not. Let’s jump in.

How Orbeez guns can break windows?

Orbeez guns can not break windows. However, that doesn’t mean that they should be played direct by pointing to the windows.

Orbeez guns are similar to other pellet guns, only that they’re filled with Orbeez instead of pellets. These Orbeez Beads are just water balls and they can’t damage your windows even.

The Orbeez gun shoots the orbeez bead out one by one. This means that your orbeez gun can shoot only one water bead at once and that will not have the power to break the window. The Orbeez gun can shoot water beads up to 10 feet, but due to the strength of the shoot, they do not break glass very easily.

Tips to prevent Orbeez guns from breaking the windows.

As the summer continues, we start to see more and more “Orbeez guns.” These devices are a toy that can shoot small Orbeez beads. Unfortunately, there have been reports of some children shooting these guns indoors, which has caused some serious damage.

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Parents should be aware that Orbeez guns can be dangerous for small kids! They shoot small beads at high speeds, causing them to shatter if they hit something sensitive item but they can’t break a window.

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid any mishaps:

  1. Don’t point the Orbeez gun at anyone’s face – even if the target is wearing safety glasses.
  2. Shoot the Orbeez gun in an open area. Shooting it indoors can cause the beads to shatter and hit something hard enough to break a window.
  3. Don’t shoot the Orbeez gun for too long at a time or it may lose pressure.
  4. Near point the orbeez guns at windows and shoot. Even though they can’t break the windows. It is not required to point to glass windows.
Parents should be aware of the risks and take precautions to avoid any accidents.

What are the risks associated with Orbeez shooting?

Orbeez shooting is one of the most popular indoor party games of the past two years. But some of these games involve shooting into windows.

While Orbeez shots are unlikely to break a window, they can cause some damage. Small pellets of Orbeez can chip away at window glass, and the larger pellets – 8mm and larger – can cause damage when they break the window’s seal.

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The shards of glass that break the window when the pellets break the seal can impair vision, injure people, and cause other property damage.

Many indoor shooters choose to use colored plastic pellets instead. These pellets don’t create shards of glass and don’t pose a risk to people’s vision. They can still cause damage, but they are much less likely to cause it.

How to shoot Orbeez without breaking windows.

If you want to shoot Orbeez without breaking your windows, follow these easy steps:

1. Bring the Orbeez outside.

2. Open the window 1/2 inch.

3. Put the Orbeez on the windowsill.

4. Close the window, tighten the latch, and turn the key.

5. Take it outside, and enjoy!

This way you can enjoy using the obreez guns without any damage to the windows.


In conclusion, Orbeez is a toy made of small, water-absorbing polymer balls shaped like an orb. These balls come in a variety of colors, so you can select a ball with the exact color that you like best.

As we already discussed above, the orbeez guns can not break windows.  Orbeez is not a toy that can be used to break windows. If you have any questions feel free to as them in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Orbeez Gun for more informative guides on orbeez.

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