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Can You Reuse Orbeez After They Dry Out?

Can You Reuse Orbeez After They Dry Out? Orbeez are small colorful beads that can be used to create amazing sculptures and decorations. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them perfect for kids’ crafts or party decorations.

But what happens when Orbeez dries out? Can you reuse them after they have dried out? In this article, we will answer the question “Can you reuse Orbeez after they dry out?”

Can You Reuse Orbeez After They Dry Out

We’ll look at how long Orbeez last, how to store them properly, and if there is any way to revive dried-out Orbeez. After reading this article, you’ll know all the tips and tricks for reusing your favorite craft material!

What is Orbeez?

Before we dive into whether or not you can reuse Orbeez, let’s quickly discuss what they are and where they come from. Orbeez are small plastic beads made of a superabsorbent polymer material.

 how long do orbeez last

This means that they can absorb up to 400 times their weight in water! When the water evaporates, the Orbeez shrink and harden. The result is a colorful, squishy material perfect for crafting and decorating.

How long do Orbeez last?

Orbeez have an average lifetime of about two weeks when stored properly in a cool, dry place. During this time they will absorb moisture from the air and slowly expand. However, if Orbeez are exposed to direct sunlight or heat, they will dry out much faster.

This means that if you don’t store them properly, your Orbeez will only last a few days before they become brittle and unusable.

Can you reuse Orbeez after they dry out?

The good news is that dried-out Orbeez can be reused! When first exposed to air, Orbeez feels like hard, crunchy beads. However, when the polymers absorb water and swell up, they become soft and squishy. Similarly, they dry up if you keep them out of water or exposed them to air or sunlight.

To reuse this, you will need to soak the beads in water for a few hours. Once fully hydrated, the Orbeez should regain their softness and flexibility, allowing you to reuse them as if they were fresh from the package.

 How many times can you rehydrate Orbeez

However, it is important to note that rehydrated Orbeez will not last as long as fresh ones, so you should use them quickly and store them properly. There is nothing much you have to do about this.

Orbeez are generally SAP’s or Superabsorbent Polymers. These basically absorb a lot of water and when the water dries up, they shrink in size again. All you need to do is to let them soak in some amount of water for some 3-4 hours until they are fully hydrated.

This might not work all the time and the beads might just break if they were left like that for a while.

How Many Times Can You Rehydrate Orbeez?

You can easily reuse or rehydrate Orbeez 3 to 4 times. However, each time you rehydrate Orbeez, the beads will last shorter and shorter. It is recommended to replace them after 4 uses.

To rehydrate Orbeez, take a bowl of water and add the Orbeez to it. You can leave them in a bowl of water for two or three hours, depending on how dry they are. The beads will expand and you’ll be able to reuse them again.


Can you reuse Orbeez after they dry out? In conclusion, Orbeez can be reused even when they have dried out! All you need to do is soak them in water for a few hours until they are fully fluffed up.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to get more use out of your Orbeez and create some amazing decorations. Happy Crafting! Stay tuned to Orbeez Gun for more updates and useful tips.

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